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5 Ways To Balance Travel and Life

So I love to travel if you couldn’t tell. I’m a free spirit and have a tendency to wander when I go places. But as much as I love the freedom of going to a new place and getting lost on the streets wandering, I also like routine and think it’s important to have a balance between both travel and life. So here are 5 ways I’ve found that help me balance travel and life:

1. Me Time. Having “me time” is important when you have a busy lifestyle. Block out a few hours each night, or even take a night off during the weekends from going out and just lounge and rest. On weekends when I’m not traveling, I try to take a whole day to rejuvenate and rest.

My "me time" usual consists of Starbucks and a pretty day outside.

My “me time” usual consists of Starbucks and a pretty day outside.

2. Skip the night clubbing until 8am. In Spain, going out means 2am-8am, so most weekend nights I just went out for dinner and drinks until about 2am or 3am. Those nights clubbing until 8am add up and make the weekends fly by (I mean because if you’re out until 8am, you sleep until dinner time the next day). Don’t get me wrong, some weekends I would stay out and enjoy the Spanish nightlife culture; but if I was getting ready to go on a big trip for a week or two the following week, I would most likely skip the club scene and rest up.

The calm after the storm--Madrid on a Sunday morning

The calm after the storm–Madrid on a Sunday morning

3. Routine during the week. Whether you consider yourself a free spirit or a rigid person, I think everyone craves some sort of routine. During the weeks, I try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time. I’m pretty much an abuela during the week.

4. Be healthy. Basically treat your body right as much as possible. When you travel, it tends to throw your body for a loop because of time changes, long flights, eating out a lot, etc. So I figure, try to eat healthy and be healthy while you’re at home as much as possible. Exercise, eat whole foods, drink lots of water, etc.

5. LIVE IN THE MOMENT WHEN YOU TRAVEL! Basically ignore #1-4 from this list and just GO! LIVE! VIVE TU VIDA!

If you want to run through a corn maze, run through a corn maze. Life your life

If you want to run through a corn maze, run through a corn maze. Life your life


How do you balance life and travel? What do you think is important to maintaining a balance lifestyle? 

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