Wanderlust Kait

Where I’ve Been


Austria: Vienna (April 2014)
Czech Repulic:
Cesky Krumlov (April 2014), Prague (April 2014)
: Paris (May 2013, November 2013), Nice (May 2013), Eze (May 2013), Bordeaux (May 2014)
Germany: Munich (June 2013), Berlin (April 2014)
Great Britain: London (May 2013), Devon (Barnstapple, Bideford, Ilfracombe; July 2014)
Ireland: Dublin (May 2013), Galway (May 2013)
Italy: Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Rome (June 2013)
Monaco: Monte Carlo (June 2013)
Slovakia: Bratislavia (April 2014)
Spain: Barcelona (May 2013, April 2014), Bilbao (currently live here), Madrid (December 2013), San Sebastian (October 2013, January 2014), Vitoria (October 2013), Salamanca (February 2014), Zamora (February 2014), Tenerife (Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Playa de las Americas, Masca, Los Gigantes, La Laguna; March 2014), Girona (April 2014)
Switzerland: Interlaken (June 2013)


Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Utah, South Carolina, North Carolina, Delaware, Kentucky

6 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

  1. kelsey.finkle@gmail.com'Kelsey Finkle

    I studied in Barcelona in college! Miss Spain so much and need to get back. Also, Interlaken was one of my favorite places in Europe! So inspiring that you are living abroad and teaching. Even though I traveled a ton in my early twenties I still wish I had done more!

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